Message from M.D

Since its establishment, the organization has been dedicated to helping students make the right choice for their education and future careers globally. As an organization under the guidance and management of young and dynamic leaders, we follow very strict guidelines in our operations and have developed our working procedures accordingly. Today, touching and changing the lives of thousand students annually.

True to our vision of providing life changing educational programs globally to our students, our first priority has always been our students and based on their profiles and choices, we recommend suitable institutions and destinations to them. With this our students have a variety of options to choose from for their further study options. We have always believed every student is special and so should be the institution and destination for them. I would like to thank all the students, guardians, providers and other stakeholders who have supported us tirelessly in this long journey and welcome all the students to our premises.

The main objective of ours is to provide formal & authorized links between international education enterprises (Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Korea) national institution and students planning to study abroad. Our only two commitment: professional counseling and practical test preparations. We have certified counselors along with our well trained Instructor for those purposes.

Sujan Aryal

Managing Director