Most popular courses for international students in UK | Learning Park

Most popular courses for international students in UK | Learning Park

There are more than 100 universities in the United Kingdom offering an enormous range of degree courses. Different universities have faculties famous for different disciplines, so it is best to decide what you want to study before selecting a university. 

The top universities will always be oversubscribed for places and, although they set aside a percentage of places for international students each year these get taken very quickly. Apply early to at least three universities and be prepared to not be accepted for your first choice.

10 Top courses to study in UK

1. Business Studies 

Business and trade at all levels have been a mainstay of the British economy for centuries. The cities of Great Britain and Ireland host international corporations from around the world as well as national companies, non-government organizations, charities, and small and medium enterprises. 

British universities offer world-class degrees to prepare students for careers in Business Administration, Economics, Management, International Business, Marketing, Banking and Finance, Accounting, International Management, Business Analytics and many other variations to suit your interests and market demands.

2. Medicine 

There are many universities offering degrees in medicine throughout the UK. Most qualifications are taken in specialist University Hospitals where overseas students study and get paid to work at the same time. 

The biggest single employer in the United Kingdom is the National Health Service. 

Immigrants are an essential component of this service, many of whom have either begun or completed their studies at a British University Hospital where specialisms might include Surgery, Dentistry, Molecular Medicine, Veterinary Surgery, Nursing, Psychotherapy, Biomedicine, Pharmacy or Medical Biotechnology.

3. Law

 For nearly 1000 years Law has been taught in UK universities. English and Scottish Law is frequently used as the basis for judicial systems throughout the world. International students will often choose a bachelor’s or master’s degree with an international component in maybe Criminology, Civil Law, International Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice, Corporate Law or other aspects of relevance to a future career.

4. Art and Design 

There is a long tradition of art being taught in British universities. From Fine Art through Graphic Design to Fashion Design many famous artists and designers gained their degrees and began their careers in the UK.

5. Media and Communication 

The UK is heavily involved in all aspects of media, being a central hub for the production of many Hollywood movies and pioneering television. British universities offer top quality degree courses in Journalism, Film and Television Studies, Screenwriting, Digital Media and many other media and communication disciplines.

6. Engineering and Technology 

Popular lifelong careers begin with skills formed from degrees in Chemical Engineering, Aeronautics, Bioengineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Many UK universities have well-funded faculties with world-beating research facilities in engineering and technology.

7. Hospitality and Tourism 

For many countries of the world, tourism provides vital income to their economy and is a massive employer. Probably the most transferable of international skills are degrees in International Hospitality, Tourism Management, Hospitality and Tourism Marketing. A British university degree is recognized and transferable internationally.

8. Social Sciences 

Many renowned world leaders, politicians and even monarchs earned their degrees in the United Kingdom. Psychology, Political Science, History, Linguistics. Anthropology is one of the most popular degrees offered amongst traditional sciences.

9. Natural Sciences

 There are many careers in which a deep understanding of pure science is essential. British universities have a long history of learning in Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Marine Biology, Mathematics and Physics with some of the best research facilities available anywhere in the world.

10. Other 

There is an enormous spectrum and diversity of degrees available in universities throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Some are broad-based and some are highly specialized. If you already have plans for your career select a specialism, if you are not yet sure then choose something with a wide base to build on later. Whatever you choose a degree from a British university will always carry credibility and can be built anywhere in the world.

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